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Hair Straightening in Aberdeen - Aberdeen Hair Straightening Specialists

Hair Straightening in Aberdeen

Spend a lot of time every day straightening your hair with irons?

Holiday nightmares with your hair drying frizzy? Dream of having sleek, shiny and manageable hair?

Then Hair Straightening by lib Aberdeen is the answer!


Tapping into the trend for sleek, straight styles, the new Straight Perm™ offers a permanent solution to frizzy and unruly hair. It does away with the need for using straightening irons every day and is a long term, safe alternative to keratin blow dry treatments that may contain formaldehyde.

Originating in Japan, this special straightening process breaks down the bonds that hold the curl shape and utilises collagen, keratin and silk proteins which penetrate the hair follicle. A hot iron promotes heat oxidisation to leave hair silky, smooth and completely straight. Styling takes little, if any effort and the treated hair remains permanently straightened, you simply return to the salon to smooth out your re-growth as required. The frequency of visits needed will depend on individual hair growth rates which will vary from person to person but the treatment can last for up to 1 months.

This new system has a number of advantages over those already on the market, with a faster treatment time being cited by clients as being a big improvement. With less time in the salon and less time needed at home to style, the Straight Perm is the perfect treatment for busy women. continued…

Hair Straightening & Digital Perms by Lynn Barber & Irvine Barber

Another key difference is an extra stage in the treatment which is unique to the Straight Perm™ System. Pre Treatments are applied to hair that is dry or damaged, infusing the hair with protein and leaving it ready for the Straight Perm™. Unlike other permanent straightening systems, even damaged hair can be treated with the Straight Perm.

Our Straight Perm also leaves hair feeling and looking soft, silky and shiny with a naturally straight look that isn’t flat or artificial looking.

Clients leave the salon with their dream hair, styling time is minimal, with women reporting that they can even leave their hair to dry naturally for the first time!

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