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About Liscio - Aberdeen Hair Straightening Specialists
Hair Straightening & Digital Perms by Lynn Barber & Irvine Barber

About Liscio

Liscio Hair Straightening are one of the top Hair Straightening services in the Aberdeen area. With a number of years experience in this specialised field, Lynn and Irvine offer a highly professional and dedicated service to their clients.

Professional Hair Straightening Training

We also offer Professional Hair Straightening Training to hairdressers & salons, with in house or external training (by arrangement). Just call Lynn on 07594 215766 or Irvine on 07944 500216 for further details.

Other Services

We offer our clients the latest technology Digital Perms and also aftercare products by Paimore (see our Products page)

Lynn & Irvine

Irvine moved to Italy at the age of 11 from Scotland. He knew by the age of 15 that hairdressing was the job he wanted to do but waited to finish school before starting his training. After getting his high school diploma as a geometra (an equivalent of a chartered building surveyor), he moved to Rome at the age of 18 to start his training at “L’epoca” professional hair school for 3 years while working part time at “Noi” salon in Piazza del Popolo (centre of Rome). After getting his Hairdressing diploma with subsequent Specialisation, he decided to continue his career in Scotland, joining his mum with the straightening treatment and after a year he started to work at Donna Frost Hair to continue all aspects of hairdressing. He will be assisting the training with the straight perm.

Lynn trained at Jon hairdresser’s in Stonehaven and received a City and Guilds certificate in hairdressing at Aberdeen Technical College. She went on to have her own salon and worked there until her first 2 children were born. After a few years, she went to London where she trained in Rebonding at Yuko Academy. She has built an extensive clientele in Aberdeen and attracts many clients from all over Scotland. During her career she has also worked in Cairo and Rome. She is now ready to share her long term expertise and knowledge with others in offering training.

Liscio Hair Straightening & Digital Perms by Lynn Barber & Irvine Barber